Our Vision

We won´t stop until the global demand for wood is fully sourced without land consumption or deforestration.

Kiri, the climate tree

Kiri trees can grow up to 6 metres in one year. This makes it the fastest growing tree on earth.

The cultivation

Sustainability in perfection. The cultivation of the Kiri tree in plantations, mixed afforestation and agroforestry offers many economic and ecological advantages. In this way, we preserve our natural forests.

Kiri wood

The aluminium among woods. Kiri is the lightest wood that can be produced in Europe. Compared to its weight, it is nevertheless very stable and durable. It is now considered the wood of the future.

WeGrow AG – sustainable growth by nature

Do you already know the Kiri climate tree – the tree species that produces wood faster and binds more CO2 than all other known tree species on our planet?

We, the founders of the WeGrow group, discovered it while still students at the University of Bonn, Germany. Impressed by its potential to provide solutions to the global issues of our time while entering economically scalable markets, our company has specialised in this tree species for 13 years. In this period WeGrow secured international varieties and patents, and positioned itself for growth as another unique selling point along a deep value chain.

In the meantime, we are supported by a team of more than 100 employees in Germany and Spain – motivated, international, diverse, yet consistent in their values and always keeping an eye on the environment.

Today, WeGrow has one of the most modern in-vitro laboratories for Kiri young plant production in the world, distributes young plants of the four own and protected Kiri tree varieties to 39 countries on five continents, manages around 500 ha of Kiri tree cultivation areas, markets the sawn wood of the Kiri trees and continues to conduct intensive research on all aspects of Kiri trees and Kiri wood.

More than

More than


million trees grown

WeGrow Kiri trees remove more than

WeGrow Kiri trees remove more than

tons of CO2 from the atmosphere every year.

We already supply

We already supply

countries worldwide with our Kiri trees